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Thursday, August 21, 2008

113 families of Soukhoumma district access to 24-hour electricity supply

(KPL) 113 families of Ban Nongdengneua, Soukhoumma district, Champassak province, has now accessed to 24-hour electricity supply.
The electricity network construction project for Ban Nongdengneua started in July, 2007 with 700 million kip of budget, 260 million kip of which was the contribution from local people.
The construction included the installation of low- and medium-voltage electricity system in which an 8-km long 22-Khz electricity network was built and installed a 160 KVA transformer.
Ban Nongdengneua, one of nine villages in Soukhoumma district, comprises 1,855 people and 347 families.
Local villagers live on rice farming and animal raising.