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Monday, February 19, 2007

Watt-hour meters in Laos

Electricity is transmissted from dams to substations through 115 kilovolt lines. The highest hi-voltage transmission line in Laos is 500 kilovolt (under construction). In the subtations electricity is transformed to 22 kilovolt. The transformers in the streets lower the voltage to 400 volts, three phase four wire system and 230 volt 1 phase 2 wire system.
In every houses we still can see analogue watt-hour meters. Long time ago watt-hour meters were installed to the houses' walls behind the fences. Recently they were moved to the electric poles outside the fences in order to easy access for meter reading. Meter reading is performed manually by personnel from Electrical utility( EdL).
Recently the chinese company is trying to sell prepayment electronic watt-hour meters to EdL.

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