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Friday, January 4, 2008

Laos and Cambodia boost cooperation on Energy

(KPL) The Lao PDR will export 115 KV, 90 MW of electricity to the Royal of Cambodia since 2010. The contract for export of electricity to Cambodia was signed on 29 December in Phnom Penh, Cambodia between Mr Khammany Inthilath, Director General of the Lao Electricity State Enterprise, Ministry of Energy and Mines and Mr Hew Van Than, Deputy General of the Cambodia Electricity Enterprise.
Mr. Someboun Laszasombath, Deputy Minister of Energy and Mines of Laos, Mr Ispeng, Deputy Minister of Industrial, Mines and Energy of Cambodia, and senior officials concern from two countries witnessed the event.
Mr. Khammany Inthilath disclosed to the press that the signing of this contract was based on the MoU signed between the two sides on 2 November 2006 in Vientiane. According to the contract, the Lao side will build the 115 kv High Voltage transmission line from station of Ban Hat, Khong district, Champassak province to the Laos-Cambodia border check point with the length of 26 km with the US$ 2.7 million assistance from World Bank and 20% contributed fund of the Lao Electricity State Enterprise.
While the Cambodia side will construct the 115 KV transmission line system from its border to the electricity station of Xiengtang province with the length of 56 km.
The first phase of export will start from 2010-2014 and the sides then will further discuss about the next phases. The Cambodia is the second country in this region who buy electricity from Lao PDR. The electricity produced in the southern provinces dams of Laos will be divided for local consumption and export to Cambodia.

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