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Friday, February 8, 2008

Environmentalists assess impact of Nam Theun 1 power line

Environmental and other officials met yesterday in Vientiane to discuss the environmental and social impacts of the Nam Theun 1 hydropower 500 Kv transmission line.
The line will run for 151 km from the dam in Borikhamxay province to Vientiane .
Participan ts listened to a report on the potential impacts before presenting their opinions, said the Deputy Head of the Water Resource and Environment Authority, Mr Sisavath Vithaxay, after the meeting.
The hydropower project was under construction in Pakkading district and had the capacity to generate 523MW, he said.
Mr Sisavath added that hydropower development was a government priority in boosting national revenue and many such projects were under construction. They would provide power for both domestic consumption and for export to neighbouring countries.
He said the transmission line would run through 48 villages in Pakkading, Pakxan, Thaphabath districts in Borikhamxay province and in Pakngum district in Vientiane .
The line will pass through forested areas, rice fields and vegetable plots, Mr Sisavath said.
He added that discussions during the meeting were one way to formulate plans to reduce any environmental impact and to guarantee the success of the project.
The Damuda and Egco companies, who are responsible for developing the project, completed previous environmental and social work in collaboration with local and central authorities.
At present the companies are collecting information required by the Water Resource and Environment Administration.

By Meuangkham Noradeth (Latest Update February 07, 2008

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