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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Laos, Japan join forces to protect the environment

Officials from the Embassy of Japan, in collaboration with the Japan Alumni of Laos and the Lao-Japan Human Resource Cooperation Centre (LJHRC) on Wednesday committed themselves to the protection of the environment.

The Lao-Japan Friendship Workshop on Environmental Cooperation was organised by the LJHRC centre at the National University of Laos.

A seminar entitled ‘Working together to protect the environment' aimed to promote mutual understanding and cooperation in environmental protection between Laos and Japan .

During the seminar officials from both countries shared ideas and presentations about water resources and deforestation in Laos .

The Lao government has given importance to environmental research and protection, said the seminar's chairman, Associate Prof Dr Saykhong Saynasine.

Dr Saykhong hoped that all participants, particularly students at the National University of Laos, would gain useful information for their studies and develop greater understanding between the people of Laos and Japan .

During the seminar former Lao students who had graduated from Japanese universities and Japanese environmental experts discussed environmental conditions and problems in Laos , said the Japanese Ambassador to Laos , Mr Masaaki Miyashita.

“In this, the 21 st century, many countries have to give priority to protecting the environment. In Laos many sectors are contributing to researching environmental problems and solutions,” Mr Miyashita said.

Laos is classified as having the most abundant water resources per capita in the Asean bloc. Around 80 percent of the country's territory lies within the Mekong River basin , said an official from the Water Resources and Environment Authority, Mr Souphasay Komany. He added that the remaining 20 percent of rivers drain through Vietnam directly to the South China Sea .

By Meuangkham Noradeth
(Latest Update February 29, 2008)

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