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Monday, May 19, 2008

Lao company to market Chinese LED lights

New energy-efficient lights, powered by renewable energy sources, are now available in Laos after a business partnership was formed between a local company and a Chinese company.

On Friday, Phongsavanh Telecommunication Spare Parts Supply and Feng Huo Ji Tuan Co (from the Chinese Shaanxi province) signed a 10-year agreement to exclusively market and distribute the Chinese-made goods in the local market.

Phongsavanh Telecommunication Spare Parts Supply General Manager Lee Tian said the LED lights were designed to use solar and wind based power and were environmentally friendly.

These products would be popular with Lao customers because they can save up to 80 percent more energy than lights currently available, he said.

Lights fuelled by solar energy can be used to light roads, homes, gardens, schools and public places where there is strong sunshine. When the sun shines, it charges the battery and at night the light will turn on automatically.

Lights fuelled by wind can be installed in areas where there are strong winds, such as areas in northern Laos .

Mr Tian said LED lights would replace conventional lights in the near future because they saved energy and were cheaper to run.

He said the lights were produced in China with modern technology and met international standards.

The company plans to invest in the establishment of an LED light manufacturing factory in Laos to sell the good domestically and abroad, but Mr Tian could not confirm when this might happen.

Feng Huo Ji Tuan Co General Manager Li Yuan Jun said Laos was an attractive market for the products because the country had strong sunshine, and also strong winds in areas of northern Laos such as Xieng Khuang province.

The company will target customers in rural areas where electricity from the national power grid is not accessible.

President of Phongsavanh Group, Mr Oth Phongsavanh, attended the signing ceremony.

By Vientiane Times

(Latest Update May 19, 2008)


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