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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Delayed budget supply, a barrier of Nam Ngum development project

(KPL) Many problems of Nam Ngum reservoir Development project need to be dealt particularly in the promotion of agriculture production linking to the use of budget supply seems to delay.
So the authorities of Nam Ngum reservoir Development project gathered at Lao Plaza hotel to discuss on the development of the project work and solve troubles.
This project, a priority of the Government and pilot project for conservation and sustainable natural resources, particularly water resources protection which was financial support from many resources.
This project covers Xiengkhouang, Luang Prabang, Vientiane provinces and Vientiane Capital which a lot of state organization taking part in the project. By focusing on the improvement of people's living conditions living in reservoirs and upper part of Nam Ngum river linking to natural resource and environmental protection. Over the past six months of the project operation seemed many frameworks of the project have improved considerably and a lot of works have had progressively, particularly in the strengthen in purchasing, employment, coordination, inspection and other technical works of all project cells, Mr Khamchanh Vongphosy, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Forestry applauded the project progress, who he gave a speech at the 7th meeting of Steering Committee of Nam Ngum Development Reservoir held at Lao Plaza hotel on 4 July.
He added that the project financial supplies did not implement on schedule, the village development fund connecting to eradication of slash-burn cultivation in some localities have not taken shape.
In addition, the releasing of loan to local farmers was quite low so they could not bring a few loan do anything causing a number of people lost opportunities of shifting fixed vocational job and family economic development. Despite the project works have already been divided to all provinces concerned to manage and respond all works was limited.
Mr Khamchanh urged the participants to brainstorm into the problems in line with realistic conditions of all localities.

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