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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Se Set II power plant to supply electricity to five southern provinces

(KPL) Saravan province will cease to buy electricity from Thailand in 2009. With the completion of the construction of Se Set II hydropower plant in Saravan province in June 2009 this plant would have the capacity to supply electricity to all the consumers of this state.
On its completion this plant should be able to generate 76 MW and produce 309 GWH of electrical power per year, more than the Se Set I hydropower plant’s capacity of 31 MW.
When the plant is fully operational it will be able to cope with the entire power demand of Saravan province and the other southern provinces, Attapeu, Champasak, Xekong, and Savannakhet.
However, eight districts in Saravan province and more than half of the 926 villages of the state will receive electricity from Electricite du Laos.

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