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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Savannakhet gives green light to Vietnamese company in dam construction

(KPL) Savannakhet province gave green light to Vietnamese Song Da United Company, to conduct a feasibility study of Sebang Hieng 1 and 2 hydropower dams construction in Savannakhet province with total investment of US$151 million.
According to a signing ceremony of MoU last Wednesday, between Savannakhet Deputy Governor, Dr Souphan Keomisay and Deputy General Manager of Vietnamese Song Da Company Mr Le Van Ton.
Sebang Hieng 1 hydropower dam is located in Sonnaboury and Thapangthong districts and Sebang Hieng 2 is situated in Phin district.
Mr Le Van Ton said that the Sebang Hieng 1 hydropower construction dam worth US$75 million and Sebang Hieng 2 hydropower construction dam was US$75 million.
He added that the Sebang Hieng 1 hydropower plant would have the generation capacity of 50 megawatts and Sebang Hieng 2 would have generation capacity of 52 megawatts
per year

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rjhintz said...

Is this an image of the construction?,105.991695&spn=0.018472,0.037401&t=h&z=16