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Friday, July 31, 2009

Savannakhet residents access to electricity

(KPL) More than 200 households in Songkhon district, Savannakhet province have accessed to permanent electricity.
They live in five villages of Ban Nonekhamsong, Ban Khanthayath, Ban Nongphue, Ban Nongkong and Ban Noneborkeo.
The expansion of electricity network access to these villages, conducted by Electricite du Laos branch of Savannakhet province, commenced in 2007 and completed in recently this month.
The expansion work is over 1.7 billion kip in which 80 percent was granted Norath (International donor organization) and the rest was the World Bank.
Last week the Electricite du Laos branch of Savannakhet province held an official opening ceremony of electricity in these villages that draw a lot of senior officials in the province.

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