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Friday, April 2, 2010

Luang Prabang: almost 70 per cent of population access electricity

(KPL) Electricity supply has covered 630 villages across the northern province of Luang Prabang, said Director of Luang Prabang Energy and Mining Service, Mr. Saysamone Thidakhone.

Mr. Saysamone said that the villages were inhabited by 46,520 families, accounting for 66.47 per cent of the province population.

The number of electricity-connected households has increased by 32.89 per cent since 2005, according to Mr. Saysamone.

The government is also considering proposals presented by foreign companies to develop hydropower projects in the province, including the hydropower development projects on three rivers of Nam Khane, Nam Ou, and Nam Seuang.

One of the most important hydropower development projects is the Nam Ngum 5 Hydropower Plant which is being built by a Chinese company Sino Hydro Power. The project is expected to be over in 2011.

The investment in mining such as gold, copper, iron and tin, is interesting for investors. For five years the province has permitted 126 companies to invest in the province, mainly in mining.

This year, the cost of mining in the province is estimated at 19.48 billion kip, said Mr. Saysamone. Over 30 companies have presented proposals to the province to invest in mining sector so far this year.

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