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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Luang Namtha helps poor families access electricity

KPL) The Electricite du Laos in Louang Namtha province early this month held a meeting on the electrification in 157 villages, housing 1,356 households.

The project is to help the poor access electricity by providing them loans of 700,000 kip which will be used for installing electricity into their houses.

Each household is required to pay 20,000 kip monthly to the financer EDL for 35 months after the electricity installation is over.

This amount excludes electric bill that they have to pay to the EDL monthly. The meeting, held on July 9 was attended by Coordinator of the Electrification for Poor Family Project, Mr. Phonesavanh Ou-domvilay, representatives of the Electricite du Laos in Louang Namtha province and local authorities.

The development of basic infrastructure is given much attention from the government of Laos to help the Lao people live over the poverty by 2020.

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