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Sunday, February 16, 2020

Ministry calls for cut in energy usage during hot season

The Ministry of Energy and Mines is warning businesses and members of the public that it will be necessary to conserve electricity during times of peak load from March to June.
Offices, factories, businesses, irrigation plants, construction projects and all other entities are advised to use electricity sparingly between the hours of 1-11 pm.

This is because less power can be generated as reservoirs are only half full, according to an announcement issued by the ministry on February 10.
Electricite du Laos anticipates that electricity generation will not be sufficient to supply all areas during times of peak consumption, especially to factories in the capital and Vientiane province. To ensure enough electricity can be supplied to as many households and businesses as possible, the ministry is calling on everyone to minimise the use of energy.
Factories should cut electricity consumption by half during times of peak load.
Offices, businesses and individuals must all play their part and reduce their use of electricity by being aware of consumption.
This means switching off all devices and appliances when they are not needed, such as fans, television sets, lights and air conditioning.
Currently, the electricity grid reaches 95 percent of the country. EDL was established in 1961 and produces, manages, services and develops the provision of electricity in line with Party guidelines and state laws. It supplies electricity across Laos and to neighbouring countries and is an active contributor to the development of the economy, society and government.
EDL’s mission is ensure an adequate, universal, and inclusive supply of electricity for sale to support socio-economic development and enable expansion of the electricity grid, taking into account environmental considerations and the needs of the general public.
It complies with Party and government policies, especially those that seek to modernise industry, to create an enterprise that is efficient and capable of adjusting to the changing needs of the economy.

By Viengdavanh Banphahaksa
(Latest Update February 17, 2020)

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