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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Theun-Hinboun hydropower dam to increase capacity production


(KPL) The Theun-Hinboun Power Company will expand its capacity production of electricity to 500 MW from 200 MW by constructing more hydropower dam along Nam Youang river.
The Nam Nguang river is located at upper part of Thuen-Hinboun river which will be released to Thuen-Hinboun hydropower dam.
A memorandum of understanding on developing the Thuen-Hinboun hydropower expansion project, was signed this month between Theun-Hinboun Power Company and the Lao Government.
The Nam Nguang hydropower construction project is 700 metres north of Ban Thatsala village of Khamkuet district is opposite of Viengthong district in Bolikhamsay province.
At present the construction of dam have progressed many fields and it is a high possible for the construction next year.
A coordinator project of Thuen Hinboun Power Company, Mr Bounma Molakhasouk said on 18 October that the project has so far paid attention to conduct a survey and other data collection of environment impact and resettlement.
The Theun Hinboun Hydropower dam produced in 1998 but the Theun Hinboun Power Company has decided to expand its project due to the Nam Theun 2-dam construction which cause to the water level of Theun Hinboun dam decreased.
The preparation will kick off early 2008 till to September the construction will be conducted and it expects to be completed by 2010.

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