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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Oudomxay to increase electric users by 18 per cent

(KPL) A northern province Oudomxay has planned to increase the number of families accessing electricity by 18 per cent in the two years coming.
According to its plan a two-year project, launched year end, will be carried out in seven districts across the province by installing low and medium high voltage power grid, and transformers.
Heuangpaseuth Power Grid Construction and Electric Installation Co., has been authorised by the province to carry out the 70.8 billion kip project, run through a loan from the government of China.
Activities of the project include the installation of 22 kv power grid, long 267 km length, 0.4 kv power grid long 90 km, and the installation of 95 transformers including four 250-kva, seventeen 100-kva, fifty five 50-kva, and nineteen 30-kva transformers.
Signatories to agreement on the construction and installation on 24 October in the province were Head of Energy and Mines Service of Oudomxay, Mr. Khamphan Phonthasin, and Director of Heuangpaseuth Power Grid Construction and Electric Installation Co., Mr. La Khamdy.
The event was witnessed by Party Central Committee, and also the governor of the province, Dr. Bounpone Bouttanavong, his deputy and authorities of the seven districts.
“Only 20 per cent of the province’ population have accessed electricity so far, which is too small figure as compared to those of other provinces,” said Governor Khamphan.
The company said that if the project completed the province would have the number of electric users in 95 villages, totally housing over 43,000 people, increased by 18%, and it would also contribute to the agriculture production, and other income generation of the locals.

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