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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Seset 2 Hydropower Dam completes by almost 60 %

Seset 2 Hydropower Dam completes by almost 60 %
(KPL) The Seset 2 Hydropower Dam Development Project, located on the upper Seset river, 12 km away from Seset 1 in Lao Ngam district of Saravane province, has been completed by 57 per cent of the construction work. Mr Thongsay Bounthisavath, deputy-director of Energy and Mining Service of the southern Saravane province, said that Seset 2 had an installed capacity of 76 megawatts, and average generation capacity of 309 million kilowatts per hour. The state electricity enterprise Electricite du Laos signed a construction contract for Seset 2 development with Norinco Company of China in 2004. Commencing in August 2005, the work is expected to be completed by June 2009. The contract costs US$135 million, in which US$117 million is for construction work.

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