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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hongsa Lignite developers approve US$16 million in compensation

(KPL) At least 390 families in five villages living near Hongsa Lignite Power Plant Construction Project site in Sayaboury province must be removed at the end of this year, before starting its construction work at the beginning of 2009, a local official said.
These families will be removed to resettlement area of Napong village, development area in Hongsa district, Sayaboury following the Lignite Power Plant approved more than US$ 16 million to them.
The Hongsa Lignite Power Plant Construction Project has been jointly invested among Laos, Ban Pou Company of Thailand, Ratchaboury Comapany and Chinese companies.
Mr Sisoupoy Kongsanith, Deputy Governor of Sayaboury province said that developers of the Hongsa Lignite Power Plant Construction Project has agreed to compensate impact people in order to hope long-term benefits.
Initially it approved over US$16 million to 390 families.
He said that each family would receive compensation in accordance with real condition. He believed that one family will get at least 50 million kip.
Thai investor invested in the Lignite Power Plant in Sayaboury province, with an expectation of investment amounted to US$1 billion with generation capacity of 1,800 Megawatt.

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