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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Xieng Khuang province: electricity to cover 8 districts by 2010

(KPL) The electricity du Laos, Xieng Khuang branch has now expanded the 24 hour electricity use to 10,050 families in 4 districts of Paek, Khoun, Phoukoud and Phaxay.From now to 2010, the electricity du Laos of Xieng Khuang province has planed to extend its network to cover 8 districts or 50% of its total population.Mr. Sisouphan Phommachanh, Deputy Head of the Electricity du Laos of Xieng Khuang province disclosed that so far his organisation has expanded the electricity network with medium voltage to 238 km, 160 km of low voltage and installed 131 transformers. Today the people in Phoukoud and Phaxay districts has already access to the electricity. Mr. Sisouphan added that his organisation is extending the electricity to people of Kham district and the people in 9 villages of Thatom district will use the electricity at the end of 2009.

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