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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Electricity law needs to be amended to comply with economic growth

(KPL) The draft law on electricity needs to be amended to support the market-oriented mechanism and the electricity expansion, said Acting Minister of Energy and Mining Somboun Rassombath.
This was an explanation of Mr Somboun when he attended the fourth day of National Assembly Session of sixth legislative on 27 November.
The old version of the law on electricity, enforced in 1997, consisted of 12 chapters, 56 articles, considering as an important tool for public administration, electricity business development in Laos and was attractable investments from local and foreign investors. This law was a great contribution to the poverty reduction.
Presently, the socio-economic development has developed and market-oriented mechanism has also moved forward, particularly the electricity production activities. In order to support the development and expansion of infrastructure as well as economy in the new era, it needs to amend the electricity law to comply to realistic conditions with the national economic growth and international law in the region, he added.
Mr Somboun proposed the amended draft of law and arrangement regarding to charter, articles and content, and other term to be appropriated or not?.
In 1995, the number of the nationwide total household access to electricity amounted to only 30 percent (200 megawatts) now the number increases to 60 percent.

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