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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Nongbouakham villagers are making more money

(KPL) The villagers of Nongbouakham village, located close to Nam Theun 2 Hydroelectric project are now enjoying a higher standard of living because of the building of infrastructure and socio-economic development by this company and the villagers are using them, said the headman of Ban Nongbouakham, Nakai district of Khammouane province, Mr. Pin Soulasith.
This village is made up of the amalgamationnof four villages, Ban Nongbouakham, Ban Sobhear, Ban Sobma and Ban Namnien and this came about because the land of the villagers were acquired for the construction of this dam.
The vacation of their villages were made on 23 March 2007 and on this day all the people of the four villages, 330 of them from 63 households and 70 families went to reside in their new village.
The NT2 gave the villagers new houses, artisan wells, a primary school, a kindergarten, an integrated health center, an agricultural centre, a demonstration farm that only use organic fertiliser, electricity and also land for farming on the basis of 0.66 ha per family.
Now that they are in this new village many of the villagers are engaged in fishing, farming and general works and their average income per year is two million kip. Therefore, they are enjoying an increase in income as they were making an average of 500,000 to 600,000 kip per year when they living in the dispersed villages.

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