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Monday, February 22, 2010

Electrification in Xiengkhouang

(KPL) Mr. Soumountha Bounleuam, Director of the Electricite du Laos in Xiengkhouang, said that the province recorded 14.000 families in seven districts access to electricity supply. The enterprise will keep on its electrification movement to one more district.

The director made the statement in a meeting to review the past one year activities of the Xiengkhouang branch of the Electricite du Laos. At the meeting, he pointed that he was pleased to hear that local residents in six districts, Paek, Kham, Khoune, Phasay, Phoukoud and Nong-haid, had enjoyed electricity supply.

The director also said that in the near future electricity supply in Xiengkhouang province would cover 50 per cent of the entire households in this province. The target for 2011 was to expand electricity supply to 5.000
families more.

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