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Wednesday, January 10, 2007


My name is Phanomsinh. I am lao (laotian). 37 yrs old.
My job is an electrical engineer. I work for government enterprize in Laos. My company name is ECI or Electrical Construction  and Installation Enterprize. It has just separated from th biggest electrical utility company in Laos - Electricite du Laos (EdL). I started working for EdL since 1994.  
For the first time my work was in 115 kV transmission line construction from Thalat 
(the location of Nam gnum dam) to Luang Prabang. 
After completion of transmission line construction I continued working in Luang Prabang 
at 115/22 kV substation. I worked there for 3 years.
In 1997 I joined ECI, at that time ECI was one of EdL branches and its location is in Vientiane - Capital of Lao P.D.R (Laos).
In the same year I was in Singapore for training on the topic of Electric Power management.
I thought the training was useful I have seen GIS system (Geographic Infomation system) and the country's power control center but very hard to bring singaporian experience to be used in Laos. 
Singapore is rich and Laos is in the list of the poorest countries in the world. In Singapore the substaions are unman, 
every things are controled from the control center. 
In Luang Prabang substaion where I used to work there are 2 people on duty all the time, 
2 in day time and 2 in night time and every operation is carried out manually at the substaion.
After joining ECI I learnt to use AutoCAD for drawing and designing 22 kV distribution line.
I was among the best draftmen of ECI.
My job changed when the French gave the assistance to Lao government and the Vientiane Network Rehabilitation Project was Lauched by ETDE - the company from France, in 1999. 
I gained a lot of experience from working with the French before I became the head of Project
Managing Unit for Power Transmission and Distribution Project under ADB loan. 
ECI was the contractor for Distribution (22 kv and 0.4 kV electrical network) from 2000 to 2005.
I think it's enough for today
To be continued Please come back


Samakomlao said...

You have excellent working experience!

Phanomsinh said...

Thank you samakomlao
I can see your name very often
from manager on line.
I visit your website regularly but I do not post any thing.
So you are very famous and I like when famous people come to my blog. Thank you again.

au8ust said...

ປະສົບການຫລາຍນໍ້ ^_^

dougismooth said...

Sabaidi Phanomsin,

Good luck at work. I know it must been hard to work under these condition. But one must earn a living.

Good luck again.