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Monday, January 22, 2007

Life at the work site

Any villages along the transmission line when they were available or small camping tents when there were no nearby villages.

One cook for all. All in one table.

Going to work:
By feet, by truck or bikes
Washing up:
Streams, rivers, lakes, water from water utility

singing with no guitar or other instruments. Short wave radio (SW). No FM.
Beerlao, the most popular beer in Loas, is available in many villages but villagers' favourite drink is Lao khao - the local made sticky rice vodka. Sometime they put some herb into the bottle and they called it Lao Ya or Lao Bong Ya. Usually it is stronger than Russian Vodka.

Birthday with no cake but water melon.

any place that was convinient. No public or private restroom.
Many deseases from mosquitoes, diarrhea..Hospital was so far away.

Other service:
Barber drove his motorcycle around from one village to another.

The ice-cream man does the same but on his bicycle.

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au8ust said...

ຊ່າງເປັນວຽກທີ່ທ້າທາຍໄວຫນຸ່ມ ^_^