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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Real jungle

After sitting long time in the office doing paper work I went to the real jungle in the end of 2004. My new work was to check survey of high voltage line in the South of Laos under the name of Banna to Attapu 115 kV transmission line construction project contracted by Indian company - Jaguar. I was the team leader. Our action zone was in the boarder of two districts - Pathoumphone, Champasack Province and Sanamsay, Attapu Province. Our team had 6 men, 4 local villager, 1 Soviet Uaz (jeep), 1 diesel genarator for lighting and battery charging, 3 walkies talkies, 1 handheld GPS receiver and 1 set of Trimble total station.

As I mentioned above that was real jungle, no road, no vehicle, no communication...
Our Soviet Uaz could not cross Xekhampho River which was full of water but villager could walk through, there were stones underwater. So we walked across river in the morning, took Tok Tok ( local vehicle) to nearest point and after that walked into the jungle. In the jungle of the South there were deep forest, wild birds and sparse Laotheung villages. After work we walked across river again to our Uaz and drove to our camp at Thongsay village. That work lasted for 1 month.
(crossing Xekhampho River)

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