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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Luang Prabang substation

Our camp was located at Ban Phone Pheng on Phouvao Road. Everyday we rode to the substation located at a hmong village Koua Thi Neung ( First Bridge) on the North 13th road. The substaion at that time was under construction and was full of Chinese workers from the company YIETC. As I was trained to operate substation then I had no serious job until the construction was finished. I just walked around and observe the Chinese working. They speak Lao quite poor with strange accent. Most of them could not understand English except for some engineers who must use English for working with Employed by project owner a British specialist.I had an opportunity to practice both English and Chinese languages. All equipment in the substation had made in China such as 12.5 MVA power transformer, SF6 circuit breakers, relays, etc.

The construction ended at the end of 1993.

Luang Prabang substation

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