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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Transmission line along North 13th Road 1993

In 1993 when I joined the Luang Prabang team of Thalat to Luang Prabang Transmission line Project. At that time the construction carried out by the French company -CEGELEC, was finalizing. The 115 kV transmission line started was devided to 3 sections therefore there were 3 teams: Thalat, Vang Vieng and Laung Prabang.
I was trained in Vientiane to be one of the substaion operators but since the Luang Prabang substaion which was constructed by Chinese company - YIETC was not completed yet. Then I was sent to transmission work instead of operator work.

The work for transmission team who was the representative of the project owner - Electricite du Laos was to look after the work of the contactor - CEGELEC. I often rode to the site. The road to the site - North 13th Road at that time was very hard to use, as the Vietnamese company was constructing it. Sometime we were told to stop the vehicle ( we rode on Toyota Hilux pickup) because they would use explosive to explode the cliff to widen the road. Nowaday that road is one of the road that laid on the mountainous area of Laos.

The thing I saw at site was a mountainous landscape of norther Laos. To go to the transmision line towers we needed to claimb up the mountain because of no road and our vehicle could not go further. That was the hard work for the French to construct the line across mountains of Luang Prabang.

At the end of 1993 I moved to the substation site - Luang Prabang. After the completoion of construction I worked there at Luang Prabang substation as an operator for 3 years before moving back to my hometown - Vientaine.

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