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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Substation Operators

  • In 1997 I went to Singapore. I had a chance to visit many Singapore substations. What I had seen was the substations were absolutely unman. They were operated and controlled from dispatching center.
  • But here in Luang Prabang substation, we control and operate manually. All kind of work is carried out by substation personnel: the operators.
  • The operators were trained in Sokpaluang training center, Vientiane capital, to be able to do strongly understand the sequence of energizing and de-energizing the substation, switching work on switch yard like opening the disconnecting switches and grounding it for safety, maintain the battery and battery charger, reset trip signal, manage signal alarm, record watthour meter reading hourly and manually.
  • There are 2 shifts per day: day shift and night shift. 2 men per shift. After 3 days working they get 3 days off. They switch from one shift to another shift every 6 days

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