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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Bidding contract signed for power project in Laos

(KPL) A 42.36 million USD bidding contract for the supply of electrical equipment and technical services for the Vietnamese-invested Sekaman hydropower project in Laos was signed in Hanoi on April 17.
The contract was signed between Sekaman 3 Co. Ltd. of the Vietnam-Laos Electrical Joint Stock Company and Vatech-Hydro GmbH of Austria.
Vatech-Hydro GmbH won over four other bidders to supply 250 MW capacity electrical turbines for the plant.
The project will be built in Dakchung district of Sekong province at the cost of 273.1 million USD. It is expected to produce over 1 billion Kwh of power, of which 90 percent will be sold to Vietnam. The project is scheduled for completion in September 2010.

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