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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Nam Ngieb 1 hydropower project helps resettlement

(KPL) More than 170 families out of a total of 490 families living of the villages of Thavieng and Thathom, who are affected by the construction of Nam Ngieb 1 hydropower dam, are expected to resettlement this year.
These families are classified as poor and their living conditions are impacted by the construction of the Nam Ngieb hydropower dam in Xiengkhouang province.
The programme will provide settlement to 174 poor families this year.
In order to deal with the environment impact, Xiengkhouang province organised a meeting last week, to discuss environment impact from the Nam Ngieb 1 hydropower construction in Thavieng and Thathom areas.
Chaired by Mr Viengthanoum Phommachanh, Governor of Xiengkhouang province, the meeting was participated by 60 representatives from the construction companies of Kansai Electric Power Co. of Japan, Electricite du Laos and Thai Electricity Companies, and local residents who are affected by the construction project.
The meeting has agreed to relocate the 174 families in Thavieng and Thathom areas to the riverside area of the Nam Ngieb river.
The constructing companies will take responsibility for all costs and problems involved in the resettlement in the future.

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