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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Transmission lines link northern part

(KPL) The Electricite du Laos (EDL) and the China International Water and Electricity (CWE) have inked an agreement on the installation of 230 kV transmission lines linking the northern part of the country.
The two sides signed an agreement, on 4 April for the installation of the 230-kV-transmission line from Hinheub district, Vientiane province, to Nasaithong district, Vientiane Capital, with the construction of substations in Vientiane province.
The signatories to the document were EDL Director General and the CWE President. The signing was witnessed by Minister of Energy and Mining Bosaikham Vongdala, Chinese Ambassador to Laos and other senior officials of both sides.
This project is aimed at strengthening the capacity building for future power grids in Laos which will serve as a main transmission line between the hydropower dams in the northern region such as Nam Lik I, II, Nam Ngum V and the Hongsa Lignite Power Plant in Sayaboury province.
The substations will be built at Ban Done, Hinheub, Nasaithong and Phontong, with the installation of a 17-km long 115-kV transmission line between Ban Done and Hinheub substations, a 71.5-km long 230-kV transmission line from the substations at Hinheub to Nasaithong, and a 12-km long 115-kV from Nasaithong to Phontong substatations.

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