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Friday, January 22, 2010

EDL accelerates to clear electricity bad debts for Vientiane

(KPL) The Electricite du Laos (EDL) branch in Vientiane province has
accelerated to clear bad debts of electricity bills amounting to nearly 10 billion kip.
Acting Head of the Electricite du Laos branch in Vientiane province, Mr. Boun-oum Chanthalasy said currently Electricite du Laos�s debtors were government bodies, water pump stations of irrigation facilities, hotels and apartments, general businesses, entertainment sites and industrial factories.
Mr. Boun-oum said that the major debtor was Vientiane Province Administration Office with four billion kip, in which 1.5 billion kip has been unpaid since 2005.
Water pump stations owed over 4.3 billion kip and the rest are hotels and apartments, businesses, entertainment sites and industrial factories in the province.
Last December, the Electricite du Laos and the Finance Service of Vientiane province held a meeting in its efforts to settle the matter.
Electricite du Laos has presented two ways to the provincial finance service by setting up a new account for electricity debt clearance of state bodies in Vientiane province. For the other option, the Vientiane Administration Office was advised to use its provincial budget for clearing the bad debt of electricity bills. However, the two proposals are under consideration.

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