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Friday, January 22, 2010

Power grid installation in Viengphoukha

(KPL) An agreement on power grid installation and construction project in Viengphoukha, Luang Namtha province, was signed in the northern province last Thursday, 7 January.
The signatories to the agreement were Director of the Viengphoukha Coal Mining Company, Mr. Nobphone Chaleunphon; Director of the Heuangpaseuth Power Grid Construction Company, Mr. Lakhamdy Heuangpaseuth; Vice-Governor of Luang Namtha province, Mr. Phonesay Chanthasone; and Director of Energy and Mining Service of Luang Namtha Province, Mr. Phanthong Phithoumma. Relevant officials witnessed the signing.
The activities of the project include the installation of a 2,630 km 0.4-kv power grid, the installation of one 100-kwa transformers, three 50-kwa transformers in three villages of Nam Ngeun, Sakon and Laylord, with an investment of 6.9 billion kip (THB 27million) as a grant from the Viengphoukha Coal Mining Company.
The work will take 10 months following the signing day.

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