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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Hongsa lignite power plant to start operation as scheduled

(KPL) The Hongsa Lignite Power Plant in Sayaboury province with the generation capacity of 1,878 megawatts will surely start operation in 2015, following the approval of loans of US$2.7 billion by nine financial institutes of Thailand to Hongsa Power Company late last month.

The Hongsa Power Company, invested by the Ratchaburi Holding Electricity Generating Company Ltd. � a private electricity generator in Thailand, would generate electricity from thermal power�lignite.

Meanwhile, the Thai investor needs some more funds to further development its thermal power plant.

Mr Nonpol Mirintangkul, Managing Director of the Ratchaburi Holding Electricity Generating Company Ltd, has recently disclosed that the approval of loans from the Thai financial institutes was a significant step and landmark for the Hongsa Lignite Power Plant thanks to our progressive work of construction.

Mr Mirintangkul who is also Chairman of the Managing Board of Hongsa Power Company, added that the Hongsa lignite power plant would commercially operate in 2015, which will also constitute a fundamental base of the national economy and benefit for Laos and Thailand.

The Hongsa Lignite Power Plant will be equipped with three sets of generators with a capacity of 1,878 megawatts and net capacity of 1,653 megawatts.

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