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Saturday, October 30, 2010

PM kicks start Nam Lik 1-2 power plant's power generation

(KPL) Prime Minister Bouasone Bouphavanh attended the ceremony of the commencement of the operation of the Nam Lik 1-2 hydropower plant, located in Naxeng village, Feuang district, Vientiane province, on 29 August.

The Lao and Chinese governments put in money to build this dam and the construction work was carried out by China International Water Electric Corporation or CWE.

The CWE, a state owned company of China of China, held a 90 per cent share in the joint venture and the rest of the shares were owned by Electricite du Laos or EDL.

The construction of the Nam Lik 1-2 hydropower plant construction project began in 2007 with a total investment of US$150 million.

This power plant could generate 100 megawatts and the bulk of the energy would be sold to the EDL.

According to the concession agreement, the company will build, own and operate the Nam Lik 1-2 hydropower plant power plant for 25 years and then hand it over to the Lao government.

The Lao government was at the stage of expanding the national electricity grid to all districts in the country by 2015 and also to light up 90 per cent of Lao households by 2020.

At present, 70 per cent of Lao households had electricity, while the rest, 30 percent, lived in the dark.

This event was attended by Minister of Energy and Mines, Mr. Souliving Daravong, the EDL Managing Director, Mr. Khammany Inthirath and Chinese Ambassador to Laos, Ms. Bu jiangau.

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