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Saturday, March 5, 2011

EDL, Schneider Electric further cooperation

(KPL) The 'Electricite du Laos' (EDL) and Schneider Electric have fostered cooperation by signing an MOU on human resource development.

The signing ceremony was held on 23 February, at the Lao Plaza Hotel in Vientiane between Mr. Boun-oum Sivanpheng, Deputy Managing Director of EDL, and Mr Nelson Yeap, President of Schneider Electric Thailand.

The main purposes of this cooperation are to create electrical standards including cooperation in order to communicate with consumers to install electrical systems in the buildings to ensure accuracy and safety through knowledge and experience transferred by expert from Schneider Electric.

This year's aim is to enhance knowledge and electrical cooperation with the National University of Laos and the Skill Development Department.

"This year we will have further cooperation on personnel development and standard knowledge on electric installation in Laos between the EDL and Schneider Electric for a year, which the Schneider Electric will train and give more experiences to EDL's electricians for developing their quality work," said Mr Boun-oum.

"Schneider Electric had trained electricians of EDL to upgrade their knowledge and skills like enabling them not only to know the appropriate method of electrical system installation, but to be able to select and use high quality products based on unique requirements by expert from our company, Electricity Authority and Professors from leading universities in Thailand," said Mr. Yeap.

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