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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Electrification in Houaphanh

(KPL) Houaphanh on Feb 5 held at Laohoung village, Siengkhor district, a ground-breaking ceremony for the installation and expansion of the medium and low-voltage power grid for 34 villages in three districts of Aid, Siengkhor and Sobbao.

The development is aimed at contributing to the poverty reduction in the province.

The move estimated at 55 billion kip, will benefit over 530 households in Aid, 280 in Sobbao and over 1,000 families in Siengkhor.

The project will include the installation of 112-km long 35 KV power line, and nearly 50-Km long 0.4 KV power cable, and 34 transformers along the power grid.

The Lao Government plans to increase the percentage of electricity use to 70% of the entire population by 2015 and 90% by 2020.

Attending the Saturday's ground-breaking ceremony were Vice-Governor of Houaphanh province Mr. Chanseng Phimmavong, relevant officials from the Ministry of Energy and Mining, authorities of Siengkhor, Aid and Sobbao districts and local people.

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