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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Xiengkhouang: Over 3,200 poorest families to enjoy electricity supply

(KPL) EDL's rural electrification programme will bring light to more than 3,200 poorest families in the districts of Paek, Phasay, Khoune, Kham and Phoukoud of Xiengkhouang province by this year, said Mr. Soumountha Bounleuan, head of the 'Electricite du Laos' in Xiengkhouang province.

He said that Xiengkhouang province with 8 districts had so far had 238 villages with 23,622 people connected to power grid.

The expansion of the electricity network in this northern province is part of activities to materialise the seventh congress resolution of the Party and a social-economic development plan of the province.

The programme also lies in a poverty reduction plan of the province

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