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Friday, March 11, 2011

Hydropower project boosts Lao-Viet relationship

The Hydropower Xekaman 1 Electricity Project is strengthening cooperation between Laos and Vietnam while providing a boost to the socio-economic development of both countries.

A ceremony to open the ground-breaking project was held on Sunday in Attapeu province, attended by Standing Deputy Prime Minister Somsavat Lengsavad, Deputy Prime Minister of Vietnam Hoang Trung Hai and officials from both sides.

The dam has a generating capacity of 322MW, which totals 1.2 billion KWh a year. The project is funded with US$441 million from the Vietnamese government and is being built by Songda-UCRIN Company of Vietnam.

The hydropower plant, due for completion in 2014, will be handed over to the Lao government after 25 years.

Laos has untapped potential in energy generation which is crucial for the socio-economic development of both countries.

The project serves to increase the friendly relationship between the two governments.

The company has begun building basic infrastructure for the project which already employs 500 workers using 100 vehicles and machines.

To boost cooperation between the two governments, the company and project partners are already preparing to invest in two further hydropower projects.

Laos has a valuable source of natur al energy in its water resources which guarantees the electricity necessary to drive development in the future, said Mr Hoang Trung Hai.

Laos and Vietnam signed an agreement in 1998 to expand energy resources and will continue cooperation until they meet the targets set.

The cooperation benefits the development of both countries, the Vietnamese deputy premier said.

The Hydropower Xekaman 1 Electricty Project is a priority development of the Lao government and was first initiated 20 years ago but faced many difficulties along the way, said Minister of Energy and Mines, Mr Soulivong Daravong.

Families whose homes are situated on the project site will be relocated to ease their poverty and improve their living conditions, he added.

The project will supply 5,000MW of electricity to Vietnam by 2020, he said.

By Khamphone Syvongxay
(Latest Update March 8 , 2011)

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